Karl-Heinz Mauermann



engine room

Eine Video-/Klang-Performance
von Karl-Heinz Mauermann
und Frank Niehusmann

a video-/sound-performance
by Karl-Heinz Mauermann
and Frank Niehusmann

engine room was first publicly performed
at 'Maxis - International Festival/Symposium
of Sound and Experimental Music',
ISCRiM (Interdisciplinary Centre
for Scientific Research in Music),
University of Leeds, GB, 1.4.2003
There are no mysteries. The obviously visible is the mystery. Sound engineer Frank Niehusmann, standing within the beam of a video projection, transforms and collages industrial and machine sounds. Thus he becomes part of the projection, reacts to it and within it.

During the performance, the image installator Karl-Heinz Mauermann creates a kinetic installation, an ever changing world of images. Improvising during the performance, he builds and rebuilds this world of video projection again and again. The pictures thus created emerge in a situation of unstableness. Minimal manipulations of the feedback system lead to aethetically highly complex, sometimes chaotically evolving processes.

You see cascading metal constructions within which the sound engineer makes motors to howl and rams to thunder: real toys and virtual engine hall. The production of the images on stage is visible to the audience.

The projected image sequences are based on double visual feedback of live recorded video pictures, of simple homemade model machines, opto-electronical construction pieces and light reflexions. The sound engineer becomes part of a permanently oscillating, seemingly gigantic machine world.

The performance is live, each one unique, and can be recreated only within the context of certain parameters which define the score. The work exists in different versions of between 10 and 60 minutes duration. ’Engine room’ examines the significance of sounds for optical, and the significance of images for acoustic perception. ’Engine room’ is an experimental system for the observation of perception phenomena.