Karl-Heinz Mauermann


khmfn live in London

Karl-Heinz Mauermann &
Frank Niehusmann

October 30th, 2003 (7 pm):

audio-video concert-performance

engine room

by "khmfn"

location: Metropolitan University
41 Commercial Road, Room 100,
tube station "Aldgate East"

October 31st, 2003 (7.00 to 8.30 pm):

engines: a radio play
- a special radio version
of "engine room"

featuring the voice of Rolf Dennemann

appear live
on air at
resonance 104,4fm
- London‘s first radio art station

November 1st, 2003, 5 pm

audio-video concert-performance
and lecture

engine room

appears live at the symposium
"The State of Affairs:
Exploring the Relationship
Between Visual and
Sonic Arts"
organised by the Sonic Arts Programme
Middlesex University
location: Cat Hill Campus
Tube Station, Piccadilly Line

The State of Affairs:
Exploring the Relationship Between Visual and Sonic Arts

One day symposium organised by the Sonic Arts Programme at Middlesex University
Cat Hill Campus, Chase Side, Barnet, EN4 8HT, Oakwood Tube Station, Piccadilly Line

This symposium aims to engage artists and theorists working within the sonic and visual arts, and
those moving in-between, to discuss the state of the relationship between visual and sonic
practices. In particular this symposium calls to engage in a critical re-thinking of this
relationship in terms of conventions of presentation and distribution, concurrent technological
developments, issues of teaching and, crucially, issues of theorisation and aesthetics.

The invited speakers introduce and debate their own art practices and research in reference to the
relationship between sonic and visual arts. The practice and theorisation of these two
'modalities' or 'materialities' are scrutinised to consider the sources and consequences of their
distinction. Issues of context and disciplinarity are central to these discussions, as are notions
of space, time, conceptualisation and valuation.

The programme includes presentations of papers, performances and documentation of artists' own
practices. There is no one particular aim to these proceedings. Rather, the intention is to bring
together and survey concurrent opinions and ideas rather than problematise one particular issue.
The assumption of the organisers is that there is an ever greater proximity between sonic and
visual works, and that this proximity generates questions regarding the status and identity of
either practice.

The symposium is divided into a morning and an afternoon session. Both these sessions are followed
by a panel discussion which aims to encourage the audience to participate with their own questions
and opinions.

Invited Speakers

Hayley Newman is a London based artist who works predominantly in the modality of performance art.
She is the author of Performancemania' published in conjunction with the Matts Gallery London. She
has also worked extensively with sound, most recently, founding the 200-Yard Scratch Gallery with
musician Matt Wand. In 2001 she completed a practice-based PhD at the University of Leeds. She is
a part-time lecturer in the Fine Art New Media Department at the Chelsea College of Art and

Dr. Rob Stone is interested in relationships between audition, visual art and urbanism in
different historical and poetic contexts. He teaches in the newly formed Department of Visual
Cultures at Goldsmiths College, and is currently working to complete a book ''Audition:
Architecture and Aurality''.

Prof. Peter Rea is based in London and Bremen, Germany, and is a long time consultant in Lebanon.
Throughout his career he has explored the relationship between sound and image, hearing and
seeing, performance and graphics. His main disciplines are graphic design, typographic design and
communication design. He also holds a silver medal from the Royal College of Art London for
creating and directing multimedia theatre productions. His early media works began with 1960s
psychedelic happenings. Creating 1970s audio visual productions and moving-image courses have led
to his present projects as professor for new intermedia studies at the Hochschule für Künste,
university for the arts, Bremen, Germany and as director of the annual international conference
'profile intermedia' and workshops, Bremen Germany.
[ www.profile-intermedia.de ]

Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer based in London and New York. Working in the field of
sound- performance- and installation-art since 1993, LaBelle's work aims to draw attention to
sound as a social and spatial dynamic. Through performative usage of objects, found-sound, and
electronics, the work underscores the ''contextual'' through an emphasis on and displacement of
architecture and the aural. He is currently completing a PhD on ''sound art as spatial practice''
at the London Consortium.

Cathy Lane is a composer, sound artist and Programme Director for courses in Sound Arts and Design
at the London Institute. Much of her work is collaborative and includes a recent project
investigating innovative approaches to cross art collaboration. She has participated at Facets
International Choreography Laboratory presented by the Attakkalari Centre of Movement Arts in
Bangalore India and is currently working on a fourth collaboration with Choreographer Rosemary
Butcher, 'White' premiered in Munich in 2003. Also this year, 'the Memory Machine', an interactive
sound installation, in collaboration with composer Nye Parry, has been exhibited at the British
Museum in London.

Karl-Heinz Mauermann is a German based artist who works in the field of conceptual art. He
describes classification systems for a chaotic world, utilising not only the visual arts, but also
crossing the borderline towards literature and music. His work ranges from drawing to collage,
computer graphics, installations to video. Since the mid 1980's he has participated in a number of
exhibitions both in Germany and internationally. 1987 he received the Max Ernst Stipend special
award for his video tape ''Aren't we drawing such lines whenever we move?''

Frank Niehusmann is a German based artist and composer. His compositions in electronic music are
situated in the contexts of live performances, mixed media events, experimental videos, tv-films,
radio broadcasts, theatre- and CD-productions. Between 1997 and 2000 he received several awards
for his works in the field of music-video-experiments and theatre. In 2002 his composition
''Untertagemusik Nr.1'' was honoured at the International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and
Sound Art in Bourges (France). www.niehusmann.org

Salomé Voegelin
is a Swiss artist based in London. Her practice encompasses single screen and
installation video work, sound pieces, radio productions as well as text based work. Most recently
her sound work has been played as part of Last Dance at the Annely Juda Gallery in London.
Currently her piece 'Moving Stones' is shown in Perspective 2003 at the Ormeau Baths Gallery in
Belfast. Salomé is completing a practice-based PhD in Visual Arts at Goldsmiths College. She works
as a part-time lecturer on the Sonic Arts Programme at Middlesex University.

£12 / conc. £6
For information please call 044 (0)208 411 6689
[ http://www.sonic.mdx.ac.uk ]